Ristorante L'Antica Trattoria in Sorrento

The kitchen

Our kitchen: technology, hygiene and…
a pinch of atmosphere

What is the first and most important feature of a restaurant kitchen? Without a shadow of a doubt hygiene. With his plans approved, and with a space of about 150 cubic metres, created a splendid, highly functional and beautiful kitchen, capable of catering for about 70-80 people.
A wealth of technology which serves every type of cooking, with quality ovens ventilated, with steaming facilities, charcoal grill and rotating spits. Ten shining ceramic hobs, allowing ten to fifteen people to work together comfortably.

The kitchen is organized in a way to ensure that both the functional furnishings, and the charming decorations are all at eye level to ensure easy cleaning.

The refrigerators are all together one level to allow their immaculate stainless-steel tops to be used as working surfaces. If needed, a surface of smooth polished marble is added.

The refrigerator motors are situated away from the kitchen, in an antique water basin to avoid raising the temperature in the kitchen.


Kitchen is subdivided into various rooms:

  • The area used for deliveries. This is a room subdivided into areas of preparation, each separate – areas for washing with dishwashers – areas for fish – meat and vegetables.
  • The pastry-kitchen: a room reserved soley for the preparation of desserts.
  • An area for the preparation of fresh pasta. This offers guests can eat in the actual kitchen, and watch the meals being preparated, while they eat.
  • The area where having been previously prepared in their individual sections – The meals are cooked.

Another vital characteristic of a kitchen, is the need for excellent airation of the areas where staff are working. The kitchen of “Antica Trattoria” has the latest high tech extractor system, all in shining stainless steel which allows automatic internal cleaning, which is done twice a day.


In a good kitchen, it is also important that there is an air of harmony, which certainly contributes to an excellent end product.

Aldo D’Oria, with this in mind, has installed in his kitchen, not only high technology, but also some of the beauty traditional to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. Thus he has hand-painted under-lit niches of vesuvian stone set into the walls, depicting charming local scenes, which add to the dramatic look of the streamline technology, rendering the whole effect so charming, that many guests stop to admire the sight of immaculate chefs working in a beautiful kitchen, through the gliding glass doors which join the kitchen to the welcome room.