Ristorante L'Antica Trattoria in Sorrento

The wine cellar

The wine cellar of L’Antica Trattoria is the result of long and patient work in the taste of Aldo D’oria and craftman Angelo Castellano, helped by Luca, Aldo’s son, all wine fanatics. With thirty thousand bottles represent the best of italian regional wines, winners of wine accolades and also wine from all over the world also winners of highest wine honours.

To marry wine and food is certainly an art but must never become a problem! Certain flavours need different wines therefore sometimes during a meal, it can be important to change the wine. It is not vital that only white wine can be drunk with fish because of tradition Neapolitans have often chosen “Gragnano” to accompany fish based dishes.

It is worth remembering if one should want a glass or two more than usual, red wine has less unpleasant “after effects”! Obviously, the marriage of wine and food has certain fundamental ground rules which help to enhance the meal. Some of which follow:
Rich foods combine bet with sparkling or slightly sparkling wines.
Spicy and highly flavoured meals are best consumed with a light wine which has a good bouquet.
It is best not to have wines icy cold, as the low temperature spoils the bouquet, and alters the most special wines.
Mild flavoured dishes with a faintly sweet taste need a fresh white wine with a slightly sharp tang.
Dishes characteristically succulent and full flavoured need a good full bodies, higher alcohol content wine.