Ristorante L'Antica Trattoria in Sorrento

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Sirena_100… Just a few little steps, and the visitor finds himself in a peaceful haven of plants and flowers, under the protection of the vine covered pergola which comprises the terrace. With just a few steps more one finds the elegant and refined reception room, where one can bathe in the warm and welcoming atmosphere, and enjoy its peaceful intimacy.

In the heart of the ancient centre, it is a “dream” corner, a blissful oasis, where one can lose sense of time and place, a magical little kingdom, where the happy visitor can imagine, or re-live his dreams and fantasies.

Here, one is surrounded by familiar things from a long ago country community, which embraces one within its warmth. Its subtle lighting which casts gentle illumination on original and lovingly collected decor, all of which conspire to give an atmosphere of peaceful elegance in which to re-discover honest and traditional flavours, folded into delicious and secret recipes. All brought to your table by an exceptionally capable and caring staff.

So come, come with persons precious to you to discover the joy of an unforgettable evening, an evening you create yourselves and your friends, with the warmth, hospitality and the perfect blending of superlative food and wine that only L’Antica Trattoria of Sorrento can offer.